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How to Prevent a Dental Emergency – Williamsville, NY

Keep Your Smile Safe and Healthy

man tooth pain Did you know that tooth enamel is the strongest substance in your body? However, your teeth aren’t indestructible. Harmful acids, immense pressure, and daily use can erode and weaken the enamel over time and lead to painful and damaging dental emergencies. Although some wear and tear on your teeth is unavoidable, you can prevent most dental problems by implementing simple, yet effective habits into your lifestyle.

Maintain a Great Dental Care Routine

woman flossing

Cavities are caused by bacteria and plaque that stick to your teeth. If allowed to remain in place, they produce acids that corrode the enamel and start decay. However, plaque and bacteria can be removed from your teeth through daily brushing and flossing. When you do these small tasks, you significantly reduce the impact that bacteria can have on your smile. With strong dental hygiene, bacteria don’t have the chance to harm your teeth in the first place.

Do Not Bite Anything Extremely Hard

man biting pen

Although your teeth are able to withstand a lot of pressure from chewing and grinding your fibrous food, they are not designed to bite on extremely hard things like ice cubes, pencils, popcorn kernels, and more. Consistently biting on these objects slowly erodes the enamel and weakens teeth’s structure, making breaks and chips more likely. Unfortunately, once enamel is lost, you can’t get it back. If you want to chew on something, instead choose softer substances, such as sugarless gum.

Get a Mouthguard for Sports and Bedtime

rugby player mouthguard

Some dental emergencies are the result of a strong blow to the mouth. While you play basketball, football, soccer, hockey, rugby, or other sports where contact is likely to occur, a mouthguard can absorb the impact, protecting your teeth. Unlike the store-bought kind, our mouthguards are custom-made to fit comfortably.

If you experience jaw pain or headaches in the morning, you may clench or grind your teeth while you sleep. To separate your upper and lower teeth, you can wear a mouthguard from our office that’s been specifically designed for your mouth. With a comfortable fit, you can sleep without worrying about your smile. Plus, you may find that your jaw pain is greatly reduced!

Do Not Open Containers with Your Teeth

teeth open bottle

Whether you just don’t feel like getting up to find scissors, or you’re trying to look tough, it’s never a good idea to use your teeth to open packaging or bottles. Although it may seem easier to bite down and force your way in, you could suffer some accidental chipping or even breakage.

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