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Lifesaving Diagnosis with Oral Cancer Screenings

Blonde woman smilingOral cancer probably isn’t discussed in most dental offices as often as, say, cavities or gum disease. However, it’s still a threat that should be taken very seriously. After all, studies show us that one person dies from the condition every hour on average, and nearly half of patients won’t go on to live more than five years past their initial diagnosis. These are staggering numbers, and ones that can be attributed to cases of oral cancer not being properly caught until they’ve reached advanced stages.

 Here in Williamsville, NY, our team will do everything in our power to not let this happen to our valued patients. With the help of regular oral cancer screenings, we can diagnose cancerous cells at the earliest possible stages and greatly increase your chances of a successful recovery. Contact Amherst Dental Group today to schedule your first appointment!

Tell-tale signs of oral cancer can include:

The Screening Process

Our doctors strongly recommend that adults undergo oral cancer screenings at least once a year, or as part of their regular dental check-ups at our Williamsville dental office. During this screening, our team will carefully check the soft tissue throughout your mouth for any of the signs above that could indicate cancerous or even pre-cancerous cells. If we find a suspicious area, the next step will be for you to undergo a biopsy. The results from this test will give us the information we need to help you move forward with needed treatment and protect not only your oral health, but your overall wellbeing.

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