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Toothache Relief with Williamsville Root Canal Therapy

Woman in green shirt Holding face in painDid you know that underneath the enamel and dentin of your tooth, there’s a small area known as the pulp tissue? Below, root canals branch away from this chamber and join the tip of the root. While this area is typically safe from regular decay, a more severe infection or an injury that allows bacteria to directly access the area can result in serious pain or even the threat of extraction. If you’re facing this dire situation, our team at Amherst Dental Group can help with root canal therapy. After all, we’d love to help you keep your whole, healthy smile here in Williamsville, NY!

Do I need root canal therapy?

Common signs that may indicate the need for root canal therapy include:

The Treatment Process

If we determine that root canal therapy is necessary to preserve your natural tooth, our Williamsville staff can plan to provide treatment as soon as possible. During the procedure, one of our doctors will carefully access the inner chamber and work to thoroughly remove diseased pulp and bacteria from the root canals. Once this is complete, the area will be sealed to prevent the risk of further infection, and a custom-made dental crown will need to be placed over the treated tooth in most cases to restore its function.

Many patients have heard frightening rumors about root canal therapy, but our team would be happy to tell you how they’re untrue. When performed properly, patients should experience no pain from the procedure, and we’ll always be sure to monitor you closely and provide follow-up care if necessary to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Overall, more than 95% of patients experience successful treatment. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with our dedicated staff, don’t hesitate – contact us today to schedule a consultation here in Williamsville, NY!

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