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Scaling and Root Planing – Williamsville, NY

Advanced Care for Advanced Periodontal Disease


Did you know that nearly half of all American adults over the age of 30 have advanced periodontal disease? As you get older, your risk for this condition only increases. In fact, about 70 percent of senior citizens struggle with gum disease. With gum disease being the leading cause of tooth loss, it’s important to stay on top of your gum health. But if you are among the millions of Americans who have this disease, our team can work with you and overcome the inflammation-causing bacteria.

What Are Scaling and Root Planing?

woman with healthy gums

Scaling is a much more thorough version of a typical cleaning. By clearing out pockets of trapped plaque, we can remove the source of the problem—harmful bacteria. Then root planing is a process by which we make the teeth’s surface smooth to prevent future reinfection. These procedures may need to be repeated every three or four months until the disease is under control.

How Do I Know If I Need Scaling and Root Planing?

smile treated with scaling and root planing in Williamsville

Early on, during the gingivitis stage, gum disease can be tricky to spot on your own. However, if you notice that your gums appear more red than usual, bleed easily when you brush, or feel sensitive, then you likely have the beginnings of the disease. At a more advanced stage, the gums can start to pull away from teeth, and the supporting tissue and bone that hold teeth in place can begin to deteriorate, causing loose teeth.

The best way to stay on top of your oral health and get the treatment you need is to visit Amherst Dental Group on a regular basis. We can catch gum disease and act quickly before it causes irreparable damage to your smile.

How Do Scaling and Root Planing Work?

checking if gums need scaling and root planing in Williamsville

At every hygiene appointment, we remove hardened plaque, called tartar, that has accumulated on your teeth. This white substance houses the harmful bacteria responsible for gum disease. If gum disease has already set in, the tartar buildup can actually go beneath the gumline. We use specialized instruments to go deep into these pockets and enable us to clean these hidden areas in a procedure called scaling. After that, we make the exposed tooth as slippery smooth as possible, so plaque cannot stick to the teeth again.

Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing

smiling couple after scaling and root planing in Williamsville

When it comes to treating gum disease, scaling and root planing are basically the most effective ways to make a fresh start by physically removing bacteria and plaque. In addition, these procedures can help you avoid infection down the road. Although there is no “cure” for gum disease, this pairing of procedures allows us to keep its ill effects from affecting your oral and overall health. By treating gum disease, you can retain more of your natural teeth and reduce inflammation elsewhere in the body.

Cost of Scaling and Root Planing

Each gum disease case is different, and each patient may require unique treatment in order to address the infection. As previous explained, scaling and root planing may need to occur every three to four months or be combined with other treatments, depending on the severity of your case. When we diagnose gum disease, we will formulate a treatment plan and can then estimate your cost of treatment. We gladly accept insurance and are willing to work with you to ensure affordable care.