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Parenting Tips: 4 Ways to Help Your Child Heal After Tooth Extraction

May 14, 2024

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As a parent, you are responsible for taking care of your child. When they are sick, you tend to their needs and nurse them back to health. Likewise, when they require having a tooth extracted, it’s your job to make sure they heal safely and properly.

But what does care after having a tooth removed entail? What is involved in helping your child after a tooth extraction? Follow these basic, yet essential tips!

Manage Bleeding

Before you and your child leave the dentist’s office, a gauze pad will be placed on the extraction site to soak up blood. This gauze should remain there for about 45 minutes. At that point, you may remove it. If your child continues to bleed, you may put a new, clean gauze there and have your child gently bite down. If the bleeding persists beyond 30 minutes after that, you should call the dentist for additional guidance.

Allow the Blood Clot to Form and Stay

Perhaps the most important part of your child’s healing, a blood clot needs to cover the extraction site. This clot is essential because it protects the vulnerable tissue underneath from bacteria. If it is dislodged, your child’s risk of infection and complication increases. After the first 24 hours, the clot should be secure enough, but your child should still rest from rigorous activities for a few days to give it plenty of time.

Give Your Child Fluids

In the hours following a tooth extraction, the anesthetic will wear off. During this time, you don’t want your child to accidentally bite their tongue or cheek. Plus, while the blood clot is setting up, you don’t want to disturb it. As a result, your child should only have liquids. However, do not give them hot liquids or let them use a straw. These can make the clot come off prematurely and open the door for infection.

After 24 hours have transpired, your child should be able to eat a basically normal diet, but you may wish to consider giving them soft foods to ease back into it with the sensitive site.

Ease Pain and Swelling

For a little bit, your child will likely experience some discomfort and perhaps some swelling as a result of the extraction. During this time, use over-the-counter pain medication to manage their pain and put a cold compress on their face for about 20 minutes. If their pain gets worse or comes with a fever over 101 degrees, contact your dentist right away.

You would do anything to ensure your child’s safety. If you follow these guidelines, they should be able to heal from their tooth extraction with fewer complications and return to normal activities as soon as possible.

About the Practice

Amherst Dental Group is proud to have six dentists who are highly experienced and trained in various treatments, and we are happy to treat patients of all ages. Our services range from routine preventive care all the way through complex procedures, including tooth extractions for children. If you have questions about your child’s aftercare, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team online or call our Williamsville office at 716-689-8882.

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