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Periodontal Treatment in Williamsville

Young woman smiling widelyGum disease (also known as periodontal disease) is one of the most common oral health conditions patients face, with over 75% of American adults expected to suffer from a mild to advanced stage. While symptoms may start off as relatively benign, they can quickly evolve if treatment isn’t provided, leading to jawbone deterioration, tooth loss, and even serious health problems that affect your overall wellbeing.

Here at Amherst Dental Group, our team is happy to offer the exceptional services of Dr. Stanley Shainbrown as our resident expert on gum disease. He and the rest of our staff can provide revitalizing care at the earliest possible stage of the condition, protecting your oral health and helping you smile brighter than ever here in Williamsville, NY. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment!

Why should I be worried about periodontal disease?


Treatment Options

Dr. Shainbrown’s recommended treatment for your case of gum disease will depend on its severity. In mild instances, more frequent dental cleanings and more diligent oral hygiene routine at home may be all it takes to reverse any ill effects. With moderate cases of gum disease, he can provide root scaling and planing, which is an in-depth, professional cleaning that removes bacteria under the gumline and smoothes out the tooth roots. When faced with severe periodontal damage, surgical intervention may be required.

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